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Part Two of Enmeshed Family Systems.  A discussion with psychoanalyst Wendy Christian about enmeshment and differentiation in the Mormon context.

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Part one of the Enmeshed Mormon Family Systems episode.  In this episode Lacey, Paula and Delilah discuss their experiences being in enmeshed families and they reflect on the effect on their family when their engagement with the church shifted or when they differentiated.

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The Open Stories Foundation Podcast team gather together to discuss the fall-out over the US Elections.  They offer some advice on how to get through this somewhat divisive and challenging time.

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A conversation with Mormon political commentators Brad Kramer, Joshua Madson, Mehrsa Baradaran about the US Presidential elections.  They tackle the question 'What happened to America?'  & 'What happened to the Mormons?'

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Mica McGriggs, Kalani Tonga and Fatimah Salleh discuss what it means to be women of colour in an American church that so overwhelmingly voted for a candidate who leveraged American's deep-seated racism to win the 2016 Presidential election.

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One of the core teachings of the LDS church is that everyone is born with an essential gender identity based on one's biological sex.    Either you are male or female.  Intersex upsets the notion that there are always clear biological sex distinctions.  Emily Quinn has XY chromosomes, she has no ovaries, no uterus but identifies as a girl - with testes, demonstrating how muddied the idea of the binary male/female can be.  

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A discussion with Dakota Professor Elise Boxer about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the sacred work of protecting our environment in a world filled with corporate greed.

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