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A conversation with contemporary spiritual artist J.Kirk Richards about the power of art to create social disruption.

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In late October 2016 the LDS replaced their Mormons and Gays orphan/unofficial website with a new site linked to LDS.org.  While softer in tone Kimberly Anderson, Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen and Natasha Helfer Parker raise some important critical questions about its usefulness particularly in therapeutic contexts.

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What happens when a life that seemed so perfect implodes and you are left to reassemble everything?  Suzy Benson Billies tells her story about her recovery and growth and the joy that waiting for her on the other side of suffering.

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Part two of a collaboration with Lindsay Hansen Park from 'A Year of Polygamy' where we discuss the new book 'The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy' with author Carol Lynn Pearson.

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Part One of a collaboration with Lindsay Hansen Park from 'A Year of Polygamy'.  We discuss Carol Lynn Pearson's new book - 'The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy.'

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Assistant Director of Sunstone, Lindsay Hansen Park and Gina Colvin discuss the state, purpose and future of progressive Mormonism.

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