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Gina's interview with Lynn Packer about his book "Lying for the Lord" that covers the story of Paul H. Dunn's sanction.

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Part two of Henning Muller's interview with Lynne Packer.

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In the Parts One and Two  Henning interviews Lynn about his life, work with broadcasting in Vietnam, his interaction with and feelings for his uncle Boyd and the events that led up to the publication of the Book “Lying for the Lord – The Paul H. Dunn Stories” as well as the AFCO Fraud scandal where Paul Dunn had acted as co-president. We also discuss Lynn’s thoughts on the LDS Church’s stance on contemporary issues.

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Jensen and McKay have recently edited a collection of essays from 33 US Mormons about their thoughts on 21st century Zion.  We discuss contemporary notions of Zion and discover there is still much to say about this transcendent idea.  

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Tariq Khan an anti-authoritarian and anti-colonial activist and Mormon with Muslim Pakistani roots discusses the current political context that has lead to the rise of fascism in the United States fueled by Donald Trump.

We talk about the violence of white supremacy and imperialism and how the Book of Mormon can give us another way of looking at historical and contemporary violence and its remedies and how Mormons can, of their own accord, side with the most oppressed.  

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Mormon Millennial and Blogger Jon Ogden challenges us to find a balanced intersection between truth, beauty and goodness as a way of managing faith crisis.

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