A Thoughtful Faith - Mormon / LDS
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Kris Black discusses her her resignation from the LDS church and her recent rebaptism.

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A discussion with Bryndis Roberts about the June 17th 2015 murders at that Emmanual AME Church in Charleston South Carolina.

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Rock Waterman discusses his excommunication

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Rock Waterman discusses his excommunicated

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This episode explores how Lincoln synthesizes his Mormon Christianity and transhumanism. He talks about the body of Christ and the atonement.  He helps us understand our responsibility to become one in the body of Christ.

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Lincoln Cannon serves as the President of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. In this episode he really explores the essence of transhumanism and how it has shaped his deep faith in Mormonism.  He explains how he sees Joseph Smith as a transhumanist and addresses our Mormon transhumanist doctrines.

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Lincoln Cannon serves as the President of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, an internationl nonprofit that has become the world's largest advocacy network for the ethical use of technology and religion to improve the vitality of our world.  In this episode he speaks about his personal history, how tragedy shaped his perspectives on God and Faith, and how he came to be passionate about Mormon transhumanism. 

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Church Talks from the ATF Podcast community

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