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Peter Bleakley has had an intriguing journey in Mormonism, born at BYU to British parents he grew up in England loving the Mormon theology and teachings and enjoying a life in the church that he treasures.   Of late he's less pleased with the church's departure from the Mormonism he came to love and has much to say these days about the seemingly uninspired corporatization of the church.  Yet, he remains on the pews, faithfully serving, but with hope that one day Mormonism will recapture the vision that once had his heart.

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Recently 16-year-old Abel Nelson's Sunday School Teacher asked her students to submit questions that they might have about the church.  Abel discusses these questions with host, Gina Colvin.

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Recently released Bishop, Richard Ostler reflects on his ministry to the hundreds of young people on the fringes of the church in his YSA Ward in Magna, Utah.

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While in the United States LDS church finances are not publically accessible, this isn't the case in Commonwealth countries where the LDS church is usually registered as a charitable trust.  In this episode Chris Mace gives an overview of the annual financial reports of Canada, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.  

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When Isabella Parker (Witchita, Kansas) was 14 years old she joined her school's Gay Straight Alliance and she submitted a profile to Ordain Women.  At the same time she was also called to be the Mia Maid Class President.  When her bishop discovered Isabella's social justice activities, things changed dramatically for her and her family.

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