A Thoughtful Faith - Mormon / LDS

Steven Peck reviews Mormonism and Science. He speaks about truth and discovery and how God interacts with us. He discusses how a God of the Gaps will fail us. Then he speaks about his book A Short Stay in Hell. The book pesents an amazing thought experiment. Steven addresses time and space within an eternal perspective and how these ideas came together in this story. 

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Steven Peck discusses the New Atheist movement and how is devotion to science increases his faith and has shaped his understanding of God’s character. He speaks about the nature of faith and his feelings about caring for the earth as a faithful steward.  

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Steven Peck discusses how his faith in Mormonism interacts with his understanding of Science and evolution. He discusses the position of the Mormon Church on science and evolution. He elaborates on how he feels Mormon doctrine encourages Scientific thought. He also addresses his feelings about the scriptural accounts of the creation, on historical statements of the Brethren reguarding scripture and science and he addresses climate change. 

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