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The recognition of adult singles in the LDS Church is usually a footnote buried in the dominate family rhetoric of Mormon culture, and yet it is estimated that 30% of Mormons are single.  Julie Lefgren has never married is a life-long, active Mormon and is now in her mid-40s.  Currently an adjunct professor of Chinese at BYU her life paths have wandered the globe, explored other cultures, focused on learning Mandarin and works hard on developing and maintaining deep friendships with those she meets.  In the winter , when not teaching, you will find her searching for a powder shot on the UT ski slopes and in the off-season traveling, fishing and generally being outdoors.  But many of her life choices have revolved around assisting in the parenting of her 21 nieces and nephews.  

A lifetime of never marrying, not having children and yet staying active in the family-centric Mormon Church can be distressing. In our discussion Julie  addresses with candor the pain of that path, but also how to achieve happiness and peace too.  With Julie we look in depth at this interesting, and yet often invisible space space of Mormon single adults.

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