A Thoughtful Faith - Mormon / LDS

Its not often that Mormon couples with similar progressive political dispositions get hitched.  Kristy Money and Rolf Staubhaar are one very fortunate couple.  To find each other in a faith tradition that has embraced a more conservative cultural bent is rather miraculous, but not really unexpected, in a broader social world that is asking hard questions of social institutions.  With Kristy -a  feminist activist, and Rolf -  an advocate and an academic interested in  social activism their relationship is indicative of a new wave of educated Mormon.   Less inclined to feel bound by the ideological expectations of Mormonism, and unwilling to  sit quietly in their dissidence they have determined that the Mormonism of the future can and ought to be more critically conscious andinnovative - where our community direction is owned more by the people than an invisible leadership.  They are as passionate about their faith as they are about their ideas and philosophy - and are aching to be able to bring their whole selves into their religious experience without fear or judgement.   In so many ways they are a quintessential young Mormon couple, fresh out of graduate school with young children, but full of ideas and dreams for a more expansive and inclusive vision of  the faith that has their devotion.

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