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In January of 2014, former New Zealand Bishop, Ganesh Cherian posted a heart-wrenching blog at KiwiMormon called 'A Former Bishop's Doctrinal Dilemmas'.  This was on the heals of the first of the series of LDS.org
 essays and was his response and in many ways his 'coming out' as a formerly orthodox Mormon turned 'doubter'.  In this interview we discuss the origins of his faith transition which began with his realization that US culture has a great deal to do with the current state of the LDS church, for good and bad.  We talk about his life in the LDS faith, his experience as a bishop, we discuss his concerns about the church and where he would like to see the church go and become in the future.

Ganesh and his wife Lindy are the parents of five boys and live in Wellington New Zealand where Ganesh is a business man, a social entrepreneur, and works with charities both at home and abroad.

Note that this interview was recorded before the polygamy essays were released.  Unfortunately the sound quality of Ganesh's computer was not great so my apologies for the persistent buzz!  Enjoy.

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